Become an Affiliate

Join our UCAR family today and expand your business!

Building your business is important to us here at UCAR!  Strong business for our affiliates means strong business for our REALTORS® and a healthy industry as a whole.  Through this membership you will have the opportunity to create relationships not only with REALTORS® but with other Affiliates and the communities of Union and Anson Counties.  Our goal is to be the leading source of business referrals for our members and the public.

Affiliate Members work closely with REALTORS® to enrich client services and build lasting relationships.
Join to generate new business, and keep in touch with hundreds of professional REALTORS®!

Affiliate Benefits

  • Exposure to REALTOR® Members
  • Online Directory for the Public and Members
  • Sponsorship Opportunities
  • Communicate with members online
  • Social Networking Opportunities
  • Online Presence & Recognition
  • Membership Luncheons
  • Exposure at the UCAR office
  • Consumer Outreach Programs

How much does it cost?

For as little as $23 a month in membership dues, you can become an Affiliate Member of UCAR.

That’s a lot cheaper than a newspaper ad and it’s year around! Just fill out the application and we’ll do the processing.

We know your services will benefit our members and consumers. Our members prefer working with a professional they know when serving homebuyers and sellers who need a specific service. It simply makes business run smoother!

Affiliate Forms

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*One time application. Runs September to August.

New Affiliate Application