Realtor PAC

REALTORS® saved $8,427 as a result of legislative action preventing the taxation of real estate services and commissions.* 


NC REALTORS® Government Affairs team works hard to let legislators know how policy changes and legislation impacts NC REALTORS®, their clients and their business. You, too, can join the conversation by using these tools.

Calls for Action

When state legislators are considering legislation that affects the real estate industry, NC REALTORS® calls on its members to act through Calls for Action (CFAs). Simply by contacting your elected official, you can ensure that your voice is heard and that your business, your clients and your industry are protected.


Responding quickly to CFAs is critical to communicating a coordinated, powerful grassroots message. But, don’t worry – you don’t have to craft the message yourself or even look up your legislator’s information. Each time you respond to a CFA, a template will automatically pop up with the correct messaging, your elected official’s information and your information to enable quick and easy action.


Be one of the first to know about these important requests by signing up for text alerts. Text “NC REALTORS” to 30644 to receive CFAs on your mobile phone and respond right away. You can also sign up for alerts and customize the way you receive them at

NC Property Rights Fund (NC PRF)
Through independent expenditures, the NC Property Rights Fund supports local and state electoral candidates with a record of protecting private property rights, preserving the dream of homeownership and supporting the real estate industry. Visit for more information.

NC REALTORS® Political Action Committee (NC REALTORS® PAC)
You have the power to ensure that REALTOR®-friendly candidates are elected at all levels of government. By investing in NC REALTORS® PAC, you can stop legislation that could increase your tax burden, prevent costly regulations on your business and promote smart growth and economic development.

NC REALTORS® PAC remains one of the state’s most respected political action groups because of its strong commitment to working with all parties to enact legislation that protects the real estate industry, homeownership, private property rights and our state’s economy.


It’s a no-brainer and the best insurance for your business and its success. Learn more at


*Based on earning $55,000 in commission. See for more information.